Privacy Policy

The website and the brand, S Chain Labs are part of S Capital Solutions India Pvt. LTD. At S Chain labs we consider that the privacy and security of personal and financial information/details of our customers as our highest concern. We have designed and implemented policies and procedures to protect our customer information. The following document is our privacy policy. By using, you are accepting our privacy policy.

The Information We Gather

How we use your information

Your personal information may be used to for the following:

  1. To facilitate transactions
  2. To provide customized services
  3. To authenticate and provide customer support
  4. To develop new products and refine existing services
  5. To contact you whenever needed
  6. To comply with the regulatory bodies and the government organizations for verification and investigation
  7. To train our staff to provide better service
  8. To inform you with special offers and other promotional activities


S Chain Labs exercises care while sending mails to you. In case of any mail other than business mails referring to S Chain Labs or seems to be suspicious then you should immediately contact S Chain Labs and verify the credibility of the mail.

Links to Other Websites may contain links to third party websites and other resources which may have their own privacy policy. S Chain Labs holds no responsibility for the data entered into third party links and urges you to go through the respective privacy policies.

Opting out of marketing, promotions or related activities

S Chain Labs may contact you regarding promotions, service/product launches, feedback and surveys. If the you wish to opt out of the above said activities, you may write to


S Chain Labs gives high priority to customer information and all measures are taken care to safeguard the information by taking appropriate measures to avoid unauthorized access, tampering or destruction. The measures may include encryption of highest standard, physical access restriction among others. In spite of taking stringent measures, transactions over internet are vulnerable for attacks. This may be noted and you are urged to take necessary precautions at your end while performing transactions.

Cookies uses cookies in the web browsers to store relevant information. The cookies are used to better understand how our customers interact with our websites and services and to improve our website and services overall. The functionality of our website is highly dependent on the cookies that we use. The cookie remains on the computer after browser is closed and may be used by the browser on subsequent visits to our websites.

Note: If you do not wish to have cookies placed on your computer, please set your browser to refuse cookies before visiting our websites and using our services. This may however hamper the functionality of on your computer.


S Chain Labs may make changes to this privacy policy from time to time to ensure compliance and other factors. Please check this page from time to time for any changes.